Mr. Matija,

we were very satisfied with your approach and cooperation in the purchase of an apartment. You gave an understandable answer or advice to each of our questions. We thank you for all your efforts and wish you continued success.

Branko and Cirila L.

Dear Matija,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise these past weeks while I was scouting property in LJ and the surrounding area.  For someone just walking in off the street, you treated me with professionalism and went out of your way to make an American feel welcome. 

I knew I was in good hands and I would recommend you to anyone who is unfamiliar with LJ or coming in from another country to purchase property as I did.  I was impressed by your knowledge of the city and you were very quick to respond to my feedback and show me properties that were relevant to me.    I'm only sorry that this time it didn't work out for you (due to no fault of your own!)

When my wife Toviah gets back to LJ in this January, I'm going to have her call you as we think we're going to buy another apartment in the city (assuming everything goes as planned until then...). 

I hope you have a good fall and early winter and I hope to see you again in 2016.

Hello Matija,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the successful sale. Considering the fact that I had a contract with two other agencies, yours is way ahead of the rest. You brought the most clients (buyers), the relationship with me was correct, professional. We managed the business without any problems, professionally. If I needed the services of a real estate agency in the future, I would have no hesitation in choosing you or for Mr. Matija Sever.

LP, Greg

Dear Century 21 agency and sales agent Mr. Matija Sever!

Thank you for the professional and quick sale of my property (apartment) in Ljubljana. Already when we bought this apartment years ago, the seller's representative was your agent Mr. Matija Sever. Due to the end of the children's studies in Ljubljana, we no longer needed this property, so we decided to sell it. Since the purchase was done very professionally and correctly, we decided to try to find the same agent for the sale as well. We found the contact information of Mr. Matije Severa, who remembered us after the phone conversation. We handed over the documentation to him, which he supplemented himself with building permit certificates and did everything necessary for the sale. During the sale, he informed us promptly and comprehensively and found a buyer very quickly. Throughout the cooperation, he maintained a highly professional attitude towards us and the customer, and he performed his work very professionally, sovereignly and efficiently. He also took care of all the formalities after the sale of the property, so we didn't have to deal with it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him once again for all the effort and work he has done, and we warmly recommend him to other customers when selling or buying real estate.

Ivo B.

Dear Mr. Matija Sever,

I would like to thank you very much for all your help in selling my apartment outside Bežigrad. Your advice and professional support helped me a lot in the successful sale, which, despite the initial problems and conditions on the real estate market, I carried out much faster and easier than I thought at the beginning. I will be happy to recommend you to all my acquaintances and friends who might need your services in the future. Your experience and expertise in the sale or purchase of real estate will be of great help to anyone who needs advice and clarification regarding the sale or purchase of real estate, or in general, the real estate market. If I ever need similar help myself, I will contact you again with great pleasure and without hesitation!

Metka B.

"After many years of effort to obtain investment funds for the purchase of an apartment, I had the honor of working with the exceptional real estate agent Mr. Mati Sever, who is the top 10 among agents, because he is not only professional in his work. He is up-to-date, consistently considers the client's wishes, correct and brings a positive approach to his work, which makes one of the most stressful things in life easier for the client - buying an apartment. If you decide to buy and act as an agent, I wholeheartedly recommend him." If I need anything, I hope I can contact you.

Milena O.

"If someone asked me for advice on who to contact when selling or buying real estate, I would have, without hesitation, only one answer: "Ljubljana Nepremičnine d.o.o." And this is exactly what a long-time friend advised me, to whom I turned at the beginning of this year with the same question. And now they are "mine...". Just like I have "my" hairdresser, doctor, dentist, car repair shop, lawyer and psychiatrist.......They are all my angels because I need them to be able to I function, I live better and with better quality. And I sleep well. Because I know that I can trust them 100% and that they take care of me in the best possible way when necessary. "You know", argued the friend, "I know that the director is an honest and capable person, dedicated to his work." And I tell you that it is true! And I add that everything is going as it should be with them; quiet and inconspicuous, but EFFECTIVE. I was surprised because at the beginning of this year, even in this deep crisis, I did not expect such a quick sale of the apartment. Within two months I had money in my pocket. Mr. Sever, thank you very much. You were not only professional and you can handle both sales and paperwork, but you are also a cultured, unobtrusive, tactful person with a keen sense for people in delicate and extremely sensitive matters, when people's deep emotions are also involved, as was the case with me. Thanks to you, I also did better and won a few thousand more. If you have already become a happy father, I congratulate you and I hope that everything went well. But if it happens soon, I want the same! I believe that even as a collective you are all like that - it cannot be otherwise. . . . At the end of the deal, chilled champagne modestly awaited all of us on the table. It really fit..................and I could hear the bubbles bubbling" with respect" and good luck. Mirjana H.

Real estate agent Matija Sever is exactly what our family needed after some rather bad experiences with other agents. Above all, he is efficient and successful, as he successfully mediated as many as four properties for my daughter's family and for the two of us. At the same time, he is also completely reliable, trustworthy, self-initiative, always punctual... and cute! And as the Anglo-Saxons would say: he always goes a mile further than you expect him to. We recommend it to anyone with pleasure and without hesitation!

Urška and Marko B.

Buying a property is stressful in itself. You always wonder if I will have enough money, I made the right decision, what if I find something more favorable, everything will be OK with the loan... My husband and I bought our first apartment with the help of Ljubljana real estate. Representative, Mr. Matija Sever, led the process to mutual satisfaction, expertly, professionally and extremely correctly. Our experience is such that we would always and everywhere recommend Ljubljana Real Estate as an agency that does more for its client than the client expects from it.

Sanja A.H.

It took a lot of time and energy to realize this demanding project - buying an apartment according to certain conditions that we set. Every question from our side or every 'to-do' from your side was realized in a very short time with a lot of useful information, and only with your help this project was successfully completed. We are extremely satisfied with the work of the entire team of the Ljubljana real estate agency.


Dear Matija!

Thank you for a job well done! In the process of selling my apartment on Lipahova Street, I was visited by quite a few agents, but none of them were nearly as engaged and did their best to successfully close the deal. I think that you are extremely capable of working with people - which is the most difficult of all jobs - you remained kind, dignified and positive until the end, especially in moments when many people would have lost their temper and given up on the whole thing! I wish you to go your own way and continue to be such an inspiration to everyone who does not intend to give up in these dark times of crisis!!!!!!! PS I have already recommended you to friends and acquaintances and I hope that one day you will also work in foreign countries!!!!

TINA B greets you with love and best wishes.

Hi Matija,

We were very satisfied with your help. Although we started selling through two other agencies, in the end we only stayed with Ljubljana Nepremičnine because we only had a normal professional relationship with you. I would especially like to point out the quick response, care for a good presentation of the property online (compared to other agencies, you are one of the few who understand that good presentation photos are a necessary first step), kindness, tireless organization of visits even when we had almost given up .... We wish you much success in the future, and if we decide on a new real estate venture again, we will hear from you. T.Š.

Spoštovani g. nepremičninski posrednik Matija Sever,


najlepše se zahvaljujemo za odlično opravljeno posredovanje pri prodaji  hiše, ko ste nam pomagali s strokovnostjo, zanesljivostjo in prijaznostjo. Priporočamo vas tudi drugim.


Družini Kerin in Levašič

Matija Sever je bil že nekajkrat idealen partner pri iskanju novih stanovalcev in cel postopek od a do ž, ko smo podpisali pogodbo, je izpeljal zanesljivo, hitro in z največjo prijaznostjo. Ga toplo priporočam!