Sever Nepremičnine

In the company Nepremičnine Sever, we deal with the sale and rental of real estate with an emphasis on Ljubljana and its surroundings. During the last nine years, the director gained rich experience in two well recognized real estate agencies. In Ljubljana at Ljubljana nepremičnine d.o.o. (4 years) and in the largest international franchise agency CENTURY 21 (5 years). Legislation in the field of real estate, especially in recent years, changes a lot, so it's hard to keep up with everything if you don't deal with it on a daily basis.

Why us?

Usually a person has to buy or sell their own real estate 3-4 times in their life, so they may have little experience and the necessary expertise in this area. We are real estate agents involved in this process on a daily basis and with a good knowledge of the local market, so we can more easily determine the right price of the property, we prepare it for sale, make top-quality photos and descriptions, and with a good marketing approach we shorten the sales process and achieve the maximum selling price.

The director mostly dealt with the sale of apartments and houses in Ljubljana and the surrounding area, which is why this segment is his favorite. When selling real estate, we will make sure that you are informed all the time about what stage of the sale we are in, what we need to do, to successfully sell or rent the real estate, and provide you with legal support from our legal department.

When buying a property, you need to pay attention to the building permit, use permit, actual condition of the property, certificates of intended use of the land, potential pre-emptive beneficiaries, access roads... Allow us to guide you through this process, as our experience in this demanding process will come in handy and on which your further activities will depend on.

Our work also includes; Guided tours of real estate, negotiations for the price, announcements for the tax administration (FURS), advice on tax obligations, handover of the real estate, informing suppliers and managers about the change of owners, etc.

During his 9-year career, the director successfully completed more than 250 real estate transactions. If you enjoy working with professional, dedicated, positive and experienced real estate agents, we will gladly accept your call and make an appointment. Together we will achieve your goals more easily. Make this important step in your life safe and optimized.