Why and how to choose a real estate agent or real estate company (agency)?

03.10.2022 / Matija Sever
If you have decided to entrust the sale or purchase of real estate to a real estate agency, you are now most likely wondering how to choose the right real estate agency and the right real estate broker. Before choosing an agency and a broker, you should be well informed about both.

It is necessary to know that the purchase of real estate is one of the most expensive purchases in our life, so it is necessary to devote our attention accordingly. Also, selling real estate is something that we should not do alone if we do not have enough professional knowledge in this field and especially if we do not have enough business and sales competence for something like this. A good realtor is good for both the seller and the buyer. Why? The seller naturally wants to achieve the highest price, and this is where an experienced real estate agent can help him with his negotiation skills and expertise. It is extremely important to determine the appropriate advertised price at the beginning, because sellers often look at the property in which they have spent many years, irrationally and emotionally, so it often happens that they value it too high. An experienced real estate agent will tell you what the actual situation is on the real estate market and, together with the seller, determine the framework within which the price of the real estate could fluctuate. That is why it is also important to always choose a real estate agent from the environment in which you will be selling and to trust him in his judgment. I suggest you get with a few agents and you will quickly see who is in place and who will be.

Are Slovenian real estate regulated?

To what extent the seller avoids the real estate agency in every way, this can also be a sign for the buyer that he wants to hide something. It is possible that the seller just thinks that everything is fine with his property, but later it turns out that this is not the case. The real estate agent must check the actual and legal condition of the property before the sale. Thus, it is often found that the house has e.g. building permit, but does not have a valid one. It happens that the seller adds a small part to the house or builds a large garage next to the house without permits, so it is then necessary to legalize these things or obtain a use permit for certain older buildings according to the law. Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand that if they have been driving to their property all their lives on some foreign plot, that this has already been arranged automatically, but in fact it is necessary to arrange easements, etc. In recent years, for almost every house we sell, we first have to arrange all the paperwork related to the construction documentation.

Does the seller want to deal with rude buyers? Agent as mediator?

Together with the broker, the seller is thus sure that the sale will go smoothly, that he will not have to deal with sometimes quite unsophisticated buyers who want to lower the price of the property in this way, and that he will achieve the maximum possible price for his property. He will have a clear conscience that he sold everything on paper and that he will still be able to hear from the buyer if he so wishes. It has already happened that the buyer liked the property enough to buy it for a certain price that the seller also agreed to, but they were simply so different that they would never have completed the deal on their own. This is where a good real estate agent can play a key role with his impartiality and role as a mediator to reach a sales contract. The real estate agent is also insured for his professional work, so the seller does not have to worry about this.

What does a real estate agent do and is it worth looking for the cheapest one?

For all advice regarding the sale price and construction documentation related to the property, good photos, nicely and correctly written advertisement, advertising in the media, guided tours with customers, preparation of sales or rental contracts, filling out forms on Furs, contract verification, handover of the property, while always being available for the client to talk to, the seller will of course pay a fair fee for mediation in the sale or letting of such property. Sometimes the cheapest agent, due to lack of knowledge or some other skill, ends up being the most expensive. An experienced broker has contacts with surveyors, architects, lawyers, producers of energy certificates and others, which are necessary for the correct and quick execution of the sale of the property.

Does the agency work only for the client (seller) or for both (also the buyer)?

Despite the fact that the buyer usually does not pay the real estate agency an intermediary fee, he gets a safe purchase through a reliable and professional intermediary. Since the sums are really large and people save for many years before deciding on this big step in life, it would be completely pointless to buy a property directly from a private person and not from a real estate agency. In Slovenia, real estate brokers do not work for only one side, as is usually the case abroad, but with our activities we work for the benefit of both sides, both the buyer and the seller. We protect the customer even more, despite the fact that he is mostly the client and the payer is the seller.

Choose one or more real estate agencies?

It is also crucial that you choose only one agency when selling or letting, as such an agency will have a much greater interest in giving you 100% attention and that you will be satisfied in the end. A good agency has no problem cooperating with other agencies if they have a client for your property, and you will only be in contact with your chosen agent at all times. So that the possibility of selling will be greater and faster if you cooperate with only one, because by choosing several agencies, the market can understand this as if you are in a hurry to sell and in this way later exerts pressure on the selling price. If you have several agencies, each one will want you to sell to their client and as soon as possible, just so that other agencies do not overtake them. Whereas with one agency, it looks primarily at your benefits and will try to do everything to get the most for your property.

What kind of real estate agent should you want to work with?

A good real estate agent must first and foremost be honest, experienced and professional, responsible and transparent, maintain appropriate communication with both the seller and the buyer, know the rules and methods of professional sales, be aware of their responsibilities and, of course, pass the exam for a real estate agent.

Choose a large or small real estate agency?

Sometimes the dilemma is whether to choose a large agency or a smaller one. I believe that it is a mediation of services and the service is tied primarily to the person with whom you have contact. There are new and inexperienced agents in large agencies and there are professional and trusted agents in smaller agencies. Of course, a combination in the opposite direction is also possible. Above all, make sure how much experience, knowledge, and good business relations the particular person you have chosen has, and not so much from which agency he comes.

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